Tibetan Buddhism: The Elegant Mind

(Instant) Karma Redo?

May 17, 2022

Consider: How convenient would it be to have a 'Karma' Replay Command Center into which we could call when needed to replay an action or moment we had participated in? 

An at-the-ready 'redo' button for any occurrence that, upon reflection, we'd like to correct or fix the 'why' or 'how' we behaved with others . . . and thereby repairing or 're-contenting' the unwholesome karmic seed that had been planted in our mindstream.

Nice to have?  You bet.

Useful?  Sure thing.

Necessary?  Let's talk . . .

(Length: 12 minutes)

Written by Mark Winwood of the Chenrezig Project, with accompanying music composed and performed by the SF-bay area musician Bobby Vega.

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